Up to date exchange rate

I was about to change some euros for travel and thought to myself:

“How nice if there is a portal to show me which Money Changer is offering the best rate?”

“If they are close by, I could just walk over to change my money.”

I did a quick Google and found this portal that does exactly what I was looking for.


The app only serve Singapore Malaysia, Thailand and Japan at the moment. Do you have a portal to recommend for your area?

I shared this with my connection in Linkedln and one of them recommended another portal, for your considerations ​https://www.thinmargin.com/​​​

Should you change the rate locally or overseas? 

I use a simple rule, whether the place I am going has a higher standard of living than Singapore, my home country. If they are, chances are, the exchange rate would be better, considering that their rent and labour charges are lower. The only concern is the legitimacy of the money changer. I will change money in Malaysia instead of Singapore.

If I am going to a country with a higher standard of living than Singapore, than I would rather change here before I go. In this case, I would change money here if I am going to Japan. 

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