Trip to KL

I was planning a trip to KL and was toying with the different options available, by car, coach, train and airplane. By car was the cheapest because I just need to pay for petrol but being a “slow driver who travel max of 100km/h”, it is going to take more than 5 hours to reach KL. I was considering the better quality coach (executive coach) which comes with the entertainment system. When I asked what type of entertainment were in there, I was just told that it was movies on demand with no specific title mentioned and the games were not mentioned as well. The coach cost $90 each and that works out to be $360 for my family of 4.

Train was the next option with 5 hours of travelling time but there was no decent cabin for the train and the timing was not right.

 I decided to try budget airlines and identied Air Asia and Jetstar. Jetstar appeared to be cheaper at first but as I was going through the booking process, I was charged (other than taxes) for seat allocation (if not, the four of us may sit separately from each other), credit card payment, travel insurance. It turns out that the Air Asia is cheaper in this case and we paid $100 over dollars more for taking the plane instead of the coach. They do provide a cheap airport transfer to the city too. For being able to get to Kl in one hour instead of 5 hours, I paid for the extra. I cannot imagine having to take a cab to the coach stationa and going up and down the Custom Checkpoint with coach.



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