I was not convinced

In the next 10 mins, someone here will be willing to give me at least $100,000 for this iPhone which costs only $600.

What a bold claim!

I thought to myself when I was reading Secret #2 in the Russell’s Dotcom Secret book. But it aroused my curiosity. I wanted to see whether he can convince me that his phone was worth that much when I could buy one myself for just $600. 

As I read on, I became convinced that it was worth $100,000. In fact, he said that more than 1 person was willing to pay him $750,000 for his phone. Not only was I convinced by him, I also learned how he managed to do. His strategy really opened my eyes on what I have been missing all these years, paying those “so called” gurus who have failed me time and time again with their claims. Learning how he sold his iphone convinced me to finish his book and be wowed by what he has shared.

Now, all I want to do is to implement the strategies that he shared. He had totally convinced me that he is the guru I wanted to follow. 

After reading his book, my content has improved. I have managed to wear the marketing hat which I always thought was not for me. And if you are reading this, that means I have succeeded in implementing part of his strategies. 

Go get his books. It is really worth 10x, no 1000x what you paid for.

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