The planning started 4 months ago

Reclining on a chair in the departure area, waiting for the gate to open. We are on our way for our December holiday.

Where shall we go, when shall we go and how long? Those were the questions that needed to be answered so that I could hunt for good deals for air tickets.

The later I start, the less choices we have. And of course, the more expensive the air tickets get. So it is important to start planning early, especially when most Singaporeans are flying out for holidays in Dec, the year end school holidays.

I got a good deal for the tickets at slightly more than $1 K per pax, a price that is no longer available for the same flight 2 months later. It had increased as the flight cross over the break even point.

Why is it important to book the air tickets early?

Air tickets are generally cheaper when it became available. As the seats are filled and the flight has broken even, the prices would increase. So it is important to get the air ticketsĀ 

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