For the past 3 weeks, I have been studying the Benefits of Honey website. The whole exercise was triggered by declining traffic. There are many reasons for declining traffic. But the reasons can be categorized into 2 major categories, content and distribution.

Content means write-up. It could be that the topic is of lesser interest to web visitors. If that it is the case, more and newer content is required.

With good content, it needs distribution to reach visitors. In the past, great content just need to be submitted with few rules to google and wait for google bot to crawl. Most of the content were consumed on the computer with a broadband connection. We do not have to worry about page load.

With the progression of technology, more and more people are consuming website content on their mobile devices. That created a new problem for publishers like us. Mobile data is slower than broadband and are more expensive than broadband. With slower internet speed, web pages need to leaner so that it can be loaded quickly on their mobile devices or else, visitor will just move on to another website. But the development of the web means web pages are becoming more complex and load slower. That posted a problem for publishers as we need to become more technical and learn more about how a webpage is processed (css and javascript) so that we can deliver the content to our visitors as fast as possible. And this started my journey to improve the pagespeed of the website.

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