Optimize SBI website

This is what I did to optimize my sbi website:

  1. Do a speed test to identify the areas that need improvement.
  2. In this current exercise, I notice that some of my image sizes are wrong and re-size them.
  3. Then I compress them to make sure that their sizes are reduced to the minimumĀ  without losing quality. This is done using jpegtrans and pngout for jpg files and png files repectively.
  4. Using S3 browser, I upload the files into Amazon S3.
  5. Then I set up Amazon Cloudfront, a CDN, which will shorten the time to load the image-files all over the world, tapping into the files in Amazon S3.
  6. My score for the website is 65% for Google pagespeed and 74% for YSlow.
  7. With the change, my Google pagespeed increased to 73% but YSlow remain at 74%. This is a worthy change.

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