Keyless Lock

I stumbled on this article on Keyless Lock for home and it mentioned that door system from Kevo is able to unlock the door upon detecting the presence of the phone. It sounded cool but immediately wondered if the door will remain unlock if we are at home, since the phone is always nearby. Not a very good idea to keep the door unlock when we are at home, especially at night when we are sleeping.

I have heard of Samsung Door Lock but I don’t like the idea of bring a key card or remembering the passcode to unlock the door. So Samsung is not what I will consider.

I have not heard of Schlage Touchscreen before but looks like a good system which I will consider. It can unlock the door remotely with the phone as well but having to subscribe to an account and paid for continued use, not that I would consider.

The last keyless system that was introduced is Anviz L100. It uses fingerprint scan. Something that I will consider. The problem is, is it available in my country.

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