Day 2

We roam in the Seoul station to find breakfast early in the morning. The walk is quite long from Fourpoints by Sheraton Hotel but it is sheltered all the way. Food court sold food that looks like lunch to us. We ended up sharing burger for breakfast. 

Buying the rail pass from Changi Recommends (a website) was a big mistake. We can only exchange the passes when we are in Seoul. Our trips by trains have to change because some were fully booked. If you booked online, you can plan in the your home country one month before the trip. 

One surprise from Seoul is that we need to literally print out the vouchers to exchange for the Korail Pass. Surprised because i always perceived South Korea to be ahead in technology usage.

After spending almost one hour sorting out the printing of the vouchers and booking the train tickets for the rest of our train trips in South Korea, we are finally on our way to the Strawberry Farm in Yangsu to pick strawberries!

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