Migrating my WordPress site to Amazon Lightsail

Migrating my wordpress site to Amazon Lightsail is super easy!

Just follow this link and it is completed in less than 30 mins.

I decided to try out Amazon Lightsail, the service to host wordpress site because my website is running too slowly even after I use a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with all the boosters that comes with it. It is either the server or cloudflare that slows the entire website down. It takes a few seconds to load and that is not acceptable. Not many people are going to wait that long for my website to load.

That’s why I decided to migrate site to Amazon. Amazon AWS is capable of serving my website from multiple locations FAST! That’s why I decide to give it a shot. Let’s hope my traffic which has been dwindling will pick up speed again. It is a small price to pay $3.50 per month to get started. Why not?   

Update: The export function was not successfully done. So I decided to try “Updraft” plugin to see if I can do it seamlessly.  It was pretty challenging. I think it is better to pay for a plugin to do the job.

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