Bluetooth Headphones

Just yesterday, someone was asking me about Bluetooth headphones and I thought it would be nice to share with you what are the features you should be looking for:

1. Bluetooth headphones has 2 types, one is for making and receiving calls only and the other can also listen to music.

2. It must have a clear output of sound. If you wish to use to for making calls, make sure that you get one with a noise cancelling feature. If not, the other party will have a problem hearing you.

3. Long battery life. You do not want to have a Bluetooth set that allow you hear music for only one hour. Get one that allow you to use it for the whole day. That depends on how long you will be out before you can get in charged again.

4. Easy to connect to your phone. If you have problem connecting to your phone or need to make several attempts before it can be paired with your phone, then it is not a good headset.

5. This last feature is important for some, that is, a good looking design.

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