Price Analysis

Air Ticket Difference

I plan to travel to HK In Jun and decided to book my air tickets online. I went to 3 websites, namely Asia Travel, Zuji and airfares.com.sg.

For the purpose of comparison, I chose the same dates for the 3 websites. It came out that the prices of airline quoted by the 3 websites were different.


Asia Travel quote only one price for adult and child. The price was $290 for JetStar. The total for 2 adults and 2 child totalled $1,160, the cheapest among the 3 websites. But when I try to book the ticket, i saw an additional charge of $160 for 4 tickets. The total added up to S$1,320.

Airfare.com.sg quoted S$358 for adult and $338.20 for chold. The total of $1,392 is slightly higher than Asia Travel. No hidden chrges was found on airfare.com.sg

The last website is zuji.com.sg. The price quoted is S$380 for adult and S$205.67 for child. The price is very high if I am just buying tickets for adults. But the price of S$205.67 was much cheaper than the other two website. As there are no hidden cost, the total air fares turn out to be the cheapest at S$1,172, no hidden cost.

Cathay Pacific Airways

As Jetstar only allows carry-on baggages only, I decided to compare and find out the price difference.

As usualy, I did the comparison among the 3 websites. Asia Travel’s price was S$2,094.40 for the whole family of 4. airfarer.com.sg is the second cheapest in this airline. The total was $1,512, about $500 more.

Zuji was the cheapest. The total was $1,488.80.

The lesson learnt is that we should compare the prices on the internet, espcially for hidden cost as explained abve.

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