Pagespeed test on Thrive Theme

Google recently did a update on the search algorithm and they now rank websites based on the speed they load on a mobile phone. Not on an iphone because they load generally fast. The test is based on a not so fast mobile phone on a not so good speed.

The update caused me to look closely into the websites that I owned. I stumbled upon Amazon distribution and how easy and cheap it was to create a website. Therefore I decided to do a test on Thrive Theme.

I installed a fresh new website from scratch and use the new 2021 theme from wordpress. When I did a pagespeed test, the score was 99 out of 100. It was almost a perfect score.

pagespeed scorepagespeed score

Then I  activate thrive theme, thrive architect and thrive apprentice. Without making further changes, I did another pagespeed test. The score plunged to 48, half of the original score. I was taken aback because the drop is too much. 

pagespeed score thrive themepagespeed score thrive theme

The test allowed me to draw the following 3 conclusions:

1. Server is important but it may not have a huge impact on pagespeed as shown in the above test.

2. I love to use Thrive theme and Thrive Architect. But with the plunge in pagespeed, I am having second thoughts on renewing my subscription. I hope that they could improve on it so that I could continue with them. Thrive theme is easy to use. But if the improvement is not forthcoming, I may have to go back to WordPress editor, not as easy to use but for the pagespeed, I have to bite the bullet.

3. Nice design is good but more important, fast loading website is more important. If no one come to visit your website, a nice website is going to become a white elephant. 

I am going to do more tests with other themes. Stay tuned.