Laptop Battery Life

Is your laptop battery life still good?

I am hesitant to pay for a Microsoft Surface Pro as I am not sure if it can support what I am doing: crunching large numbers, doing screen recording and editing.

So when a close friend offered me his used surface pro, I grab it. It was a used laptop and I wasn’t sure how good was the battery life. So I googled to find out and was glad that I am able to find out myself instead of paying someone to find out. 

If you have owned your laptop for a while now, you can also use it to find out the health of your laptop battery life and decide whether you should get a new laptop, replace the old battery, etc. If you are in SG and own a business, you could take advantage of Singapore PSG grant which subsidizes 80% of a business laptop.  You can find out more in this PSG link. If you want to know which one I choose, read my analysis in this link surface laptop vs thinkbook 14

Below is short video on how you can find out if your laptop battery health. Hope this is helpful to you.