Cold, Warm and Hot Customers

For 2 years, I was searching for ways and means to increase my sales for my business. I attended courses, tried social media postings and attended courses conducted by so-called gurus who claimed that they have made 7 figures. I was burnt out by the different things I tried and all didn’t really worked out. It was not until I read about Cold, Warm and Hot Customers that the bulb in my head just lighted up.

There was nothing wrong with me. Neither was there anything wrong with my courses. It was because I had missed the targets. None of the gurus told me what happened. They were simply keen to sell their frameworks. Their frameworks “worked” for them but they did not know how to help me adjust it to my needs. 

In fact, one guru specifically insisted that we can only work with personal development topics. But I was more interested to explore the course for my businesses. 

Then in OFA, we were told that there are 3 types of customers, cold, warm and hot customers. 

Cold customers are those who do not know they have a problem, let alone know me.

Warm customers are those who know they have a problem but do not know me.

Hot customers are those who know they have a problem and they know me.

Over the years, I have benefitted from Hot customers. I had gained some warm customers. And I did not make any headways with cold customers.

OFA has thought me how to engage the different types of customers. And with the knowledge gained, I can now aim at the right target.

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