3 Cards to bring if you drive to Malaysia

3 Cards to bring if you drive to Malaysia

1. You need the Touch and Go card if you are driving into Malaysia.

I drove into Malaysia once again after not doing so for 5 years. Things have changed quite a bit since then. I was like a newbie when I drove in, without a Touch and Go Card. My thought was to find a manned booth to pay for the vehicle entry fees, no big deal. But things didn’t turn out that way. There was a slight and I was “directed” to a booth with no sign of a cashier. I was stranded. In the end, I had to ask the driver behind me to help me (use his card for payment) and was glad that I met someone kind enough to help me. Safe. But I won’t recommend you try what I did. You may incur the wrath of the drivers stranded behind you.

2. AirSim Prepaid card – If you drive into Malaysia, you need to Google Map or Apple Maps to get directions. Isn’t there a GPS function in my iPhone that could navigate your way even without data? Yes, there is but when you missed a turn and need to re-route…., you need data. And that’s when AirSim comes in. It would be too late to get a card in Malaysia if you missed your way. So get it while you are still in Singapore. And why AirSim? Because I can reuse it when I travel to other countries too. 

3. TransferWise Debit Card – You can change ringgit before you travel. But would you want to walk around with a stack of notes or collect a bunch of loose coins when you move around? I won’t. That’s why I prefer to get this TransferWise Debit card which saves me that hassle.